Perfect bike tool box? We think so

Parat Profi-Line Tool Box (Model No. 5813000391) £37.57

Here in the Tech Zone at we like to help you get good tools cheap. Once you’ve got those tools you are going to need something to keep them in. We have been through many cheap tool boxes (and expensive Snap-On ones) over the years and my last carnation has just died.

I was on the look out for a new tool box that was big enough to take all my tools with some added room for future growth. It would have to be tough, as this is taken to races and trails all over the UK, well built and have an internal tray to hold the commonly used tools at easy reach. I was looking at some expensive options when somebody turned up at work with this, the Parat Profi-line.



First impressions were, it was the perfect size. After having a quick look I opened it up to find that it not only had the removable tool tray I was after but it also had a removable parts storage  box inside…. Perfect!



After seeing this I went online and ordered one up. There are a few different sizes to chose from. This one (Model No. 5813000391) measures 585 x 290 x 280 mm. I got it from for £37.57

It is constructed from Polypropylene and seems well built. The hinges and catches are well designed which can quite often be a weak point of these types of tool boxes, and the handle has been very well thought out. It is full length and latches over the main box body when lifted. This serves two functions. It means you do not have to close the catches to lift the box up (I’ve emptied my tool box too many times by doing this) and it also means that the weight of the box is not transferred though the handles weak pivot points. This was the failure of my last box!



The main box section is massive. My last box was getting full but this has loads more room left. The removable tray has enough room to hold all my commonly used small tools and the removable parts box is brilliant. All the compartments are a good size and the lid  is recessed to stop the contents from each compartment mixing.





Only time will tell how this box lasts but it certainly looks like it has potential. The internal parts storage tray sold it for me. Just having one box to carry around is so much easier and keeps the storage box inside from getting damaged. All in all I am very impressed with this tool box, especially for under £40



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