OK, so lets start at the beginning. What is Downhill Mountain Biking? If you look on Wiki it is defined as:

Downhill mountain biking (DH) is a time trial event held on a steep, rough terrain that often features jumps, rock gardens and other obstacles.

Thats pretty much what it is. Riding a mountain bike, downhill. But depending on the trails you are riding on they can be very technical, very steep and full of obstacles including jumps and drops. This is very different from where the sport started out. Downhill originated in America in the 80’s and involved racing at speed on fireroads on bikes with no suspension or very limited suspension.

Things have moved on a lot from then. Now Downhill can be riding some trails with your mates, to competing in World Cup races. As the bikes and riders have evolved, the trails have evolved, and this then pushes the bike technology and riders skills again.

There are many trails that are classed as downhill trails that you could ride on a hardtail, but having a Downhill bike enables you to travel at more speed with more control. This increases the fun factor!!

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