As I was staying for 10 days in Malaga it would seem rude not to experience the mountains on a bike in some way. I managed to persuade my wife to let me go biking for a day so got in touch with Michael at Switchbacks.

Due to the time of year they had moved their operations from Malaga to Bubión, Granada just below the Sierra Nevada. I wasn’t really up for any peddling but Michael said it would be worth it so I sorted a hire car, left Malaga at 6:30am one morning and headed along the coast.

All was a bit strange, driving on the wrong side of the road in the dark not really knowing where I was going, but 2 hours later I arrived in Bubión. The drive up the mountain was fun enough but looking at the scenery around me and the sun above I knew it was going to be a good day.

The village of Bubión was very quiet at that time of the morning. I met Michael and all the other guys staying at the Switchbacks accommodation. There were guys and girls from all over the world, some new comers and some on repeat visits. I got my rental bike out the garage and set it up how I wanted it. This was an old Cannondale Prophet with a very non-efficient single pivot rear end and DH dual ply tyres fitted. With my fitness the way it was I was not looking forward to any climbs….. thank god there was some compression adjustment on the rear shock!

We started by loading the vans with all the bikes and heading up the mountain. We then had a short fire road climb and then into the rocky downhill. Most the trails of the day were very rocky and loose…. this was seriously good fun. The group had varying levels of fitness, skill and ‘balls’ but we all regrouped at the beginning and end of different sections of the trails and it all seemed to work very well.

It was well worth the 300km round trip from Malaga and I seriously enjoyed the day. Below is a short video to show the trails. I only had my GoPro with me. Video as usual at YouTube and Vimeo.