15 Enduro bikes tested by MTB Mag

In the market for a new ‘Enduro’ bike? There seems to be this new race craze which involves timed DH sections connected by sections that need to be peddled, mostly uphill. This has called for a bike that can descend like a Downhill bike but pedal uphill like an XC one. This in theory is pretty impossible but what has evolved is a breed of bikes call Enduro bikes.

These have pretty slack angles and around 160mm travel for descending, then light weight and trick suspension for climbing. In my day these were called All Mountain (AM) bikes and it was just riding your bike rather than Enduro, but every manufacturer seems to have jumped on this band wagon so it looks like it is here to stay…. with 27.5″ wheels (another story)

Ive ridden an Enduro bike for years…. made by Specialized… called an Enduro. 160mm travel and a 66.6 degree head angle and I love it.

Anyway, if you are in the market for one of these so called new breed, then check out this article from MTB-Mag. It is a very detailed comparison with some interesting results.


[Comparative Test] 15 Enduro Bikes, Back to Back