I had to pop down to Whisper Bikes on Saturday to get a wheel built. Whisper Bikes is at PORC (Penshurst Offroad Cycling Club) in Kent. I have not been down there for about 10 years so I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived. First off I was able to drive my car in without ripping the front bumper off, the entrance has totally changed, and secondly there is some huge structure that I presume is going to be a club house/trail centre sort of building. It looks like some real effort has been put in over the years. I grabbed a cup of tea and had a look round.





The landscape has changed from what I remember too. I didn’t get a chance to have a look at the DH tracks as I was only there for about half an hour but the Jumps area has definitely grown. I am not somebody who is good with getting a bike off the ground so these lines look pretty big to me!







I have recently brought a new camera so it gave me chance to have a go with it. A few of the guys there were pulling some back flips so I started getting some snaps.





I will have to come back here with the DH bike and go and check out the trails. Keep an eye out for a more depth review when I come back.