The Capra has landed

There has been a lot of hype about this bike. YT Industries are known for for producing award winning bikes at crazy low prices. they claim to do this by cutting out the middle man. There are no distributors; you have to buy directly from them online then wait for your bike to arrive.

In regards to their Enduro type trail bikes, they have won awards with the Wicked Pro. Not only was it acknowledged as a very well balanced bike, it was also very cheap. The kit you get on these bikes is just amazing for the price. This was followed by the Wicked Pro 650B. Although a great bike for the money it was reported as not riding as well as the 26″ version.

Now they have just launched the Capra – a CARBON framed, 170mm BOS equipped Enduro machine for under 4000 Euros. We will wait to see how this one rides and what YT’s first carbon frame is like.