Cycle Show round up

So, what was at the Cycle Show? Lot’s of demo areas, lot’s of road bikes, electric bikes as far as the eye could see and mountain bikes with big wheels. Here are some of the bits that caught my eye.


First off, action cameras. This seems to be a growing market and the show was loaded with choices. This is the new offering from JVC. The GC-XA2



The previous model, the XA1 got very good reviews. In most peoples opinions it was “almost” as good as the benchmark GoPro Hero 3. Now the XA2 has been launched, this is much more a direct competitor to the Hero 3 Black Edition. Theres already reviews online and it is looking promising, so check it out.


Next, onto suspension and X-Fusion. I have personally been very interested in this brand in the last couple of years. Their products look great, seem to be getting very good reviews, are apparently reliable and they are cheaper than the competition. What more could you want? A downhill fork? Well, now you have it, the 2014 RC1. It’s got some cool features like carbon protectors on the magnesium lowers and I love the screw on covers on the bottom of the legs to protect the control adjusters.

Marzocchi. Ive always been a Marzocchi fan and these 55’s look amazing! Marzocchi have been through a phase of reported reliability issues but my old 2008 55 ATA’s haven’t been serviced and still feel great.IMG_7049

DMR Bolt. This bike stuck out to me with it simple clean lines and its Cro.Mo steel construction. 125mm rear travel and up to 150mm on the front. I am interested to try this out

Cube had a huge stand and a huge bike range. Most with big wheels but their DH rig, Two 15, is still running 26”. I do like Cube’s styling!

And finally Specialized. Not many 26” wheels left here but Specialized do know how to make a bike look good. S-Works Enduro Carbon frame

And the S-Works Demo 8 Carbon frame with the new Öhlins rear shock